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EQ Hacks is happy to announce our 2nd-place winner feature article on AI Interviewer by Jenna Xiao and Razi Syed.

The AI Interviewer team, guided by their shared experience as students looking ahead toward their careers, recognized the formidable challenges associated with securing internships. Acknowledging the difficult process of navigating resume screenings and excelling in interviews, this incredible duo identified a severe lack of adequate support for students in honing their interview skills. In today's competitive landscape, the absence of accessible resources compounds the difficulty of this task. Motivated by these insights, Xiao and Syed set out to craft a transformative solution – the AI Interviewer.

This innovative project aims to help students by offering a comprehensive tool to enhance their interview skills, boost confidence, and improve their prospects in the demanding job market. Through the lens of their personal experiences, Jenna and Razi are addressing a challenge; they are crafting a solution that has the potential to redefine how students approach and succeed financially.

Who needs a job? Almost everyone.

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  1. Tailored Interview Practice: Users kickstart their experience by inputting specific details of the job they wish to practice for, customizing the simulation to match their targeted roles. This tailored approach enhances the relevance and effectiveness of the practice sessions.

  2. Flexible Question Options: AI Interviewer offers users flexibility in shaping their practice sessions. They can either input specific interview questions they want to address or leverage the AI-driven question-generating tool. This adaptability caters to individual preferences and training needs.

  3. Real-Life Conversational Interface: The application immerses users in a lifelike interview scenario, featuring a virtual interviewer with whom they engage in a conversational interview. This interactive element enhances the realism of the experience, preparing users for the unpredictability of actual interviews.

  4. Comprehensive Feedback Mechanism: Post-interview, AI Interviewer provides users with detailed feedback on their responses. This insightful feedback not only highlights their strengths but also pinpoints areas for improvement, offering valuable guidance for skill enhancement.

  5. Stunning UI Design: The entire functionality is encapsulated in a visually appealing UI that prioritizes user experience. The intuitive design ensures that users can seamlessly navigate the platform, maximizing the effectiveness of their interview practice sessions. As EQ Hacks puts a large emphasis on the arts, the AI Interviewer platform was able to hit two birds with one stone on technology and design.

Fumbled the interview but got the job.

The creators of AI Interviewer encountered their fair share of challenges during development. One notable hurdle involved addressing slow responses from the OpenAI text-completion feature. To optimize performance, the team implemented text streaming from the server to the client and fine-tuned OpenAI API calls, leveraging Vercel's Edge runtime for enhanced efficiency.

Another difficulty arose in refining the prompts to extract the desired output from the text completion API, as GPT-3.5's responses occasionally diverged from the intended scope.

“There was a lot of complexity due to timing audio capture, visual feedback, and API calls."

The creation of a seamlessly immersive interview simulation posed another intricate challenge, necessitating meticulous coordination of timing for audio capture, visual feedback, and API calls. Jenna and Razi navigating these complexities were essential as they addressed and overcame AI hallucinations.

At EQ Hacks, our competitions span around four weeks. However, In just two weeks, Jenna and Razi developed a fully functional AI interview tool. Not only did they create a tool that functions seamlessly, but they also prioritized the user experience by crafting a visually appealing and clean user interface—something we love, as you know from our past designer winners!

Even more so, we enjoyed the technical aspects. The team's utilization of GitHub's project feature exemplifies their commitment to efficient collaboration and feature tracking. Building a full-stack application in Next.js 13, a framework that was previously unfamiliar to them, expanded their skill set and reinforced their adaptability. Their work also provided them with a deeper comprehension of client-server interactions—essential knowledge in today's tech landscape!

The team's ability to integrate machine learning models into software development projects underscores their commitment to innovation to us! The "AI Interviewer" project not only represents a significant achievement but also a stepping stone for continuous growth and impact in the realm of AI and software development.

How will AI Interviewer grow its resume?

AI Interviewer is built for future enhancements that prioritize user experience and efficiency. The team envisions incorporating user authentication, a strategic move that will empower users to review their interview simulation history and conveniently save personalized interview templates.

To streamline the interview experience, Jenna Xiao and Razi Syed are expediting technical processes and reducing latency, ensuring a more seamless interaction for users. Additionally, addressing user feedback, they are committed to significantly reducing the wait time for obtaining feedback on questions, with a targeted improvement from the current 30 seconds.

These forward-looking plans made us at EQ Hacks incredibly excited to feature Jenna and Razi’s dedication to shaping AI Interviewer into an even more responsive and user-friendly tool for honing interview skills.

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Perfect for the visionary and realists.

Drop us a line with any questions, inquiries or business proposals.

we love helping.

Perfect for the visionary and realists.

Drop us a line with any questions, inquiries or business proposals.

we love helping.